On the road

Our ride from Paternoster to Cape Town proved uneventful, except for the major roadworks on the N7. Got tricky at times, but being on only 2 wheels helped a lot as the road was busy.

Our stop for brunch in Malmesbury at a quaint little coffee shop in the town centre certainly warmed our hearts and hands, there was a strong chill wind blowing that day too.

We arrived in Cape Town early for check in, but the staff at More Quarters, our rest stop for the weekend, we’re amazing, and they got us sorted in no time.

The timeless elegance of More Quarters is beyond words, and the strong sense of home coming when you open the door to your apartment is something we know Rob and Britt have worked diligently on achieving, and guys, it certainly has paid off, it’s a very real experience and a wonderful feeling!

The fact that my heart breaks each time, I see the jar of complimentary jelly tots, or wonder at the fabulously luxurious decor, or experience the subtle professionalism of the More staff, I see and sense my sister, Britt, everwhere!

You see, she was taken from us last year in October, and I can honestly say, I will never get over her passing, but to experience what she and Rob created, does bring me some comfort. Her passionate beauty and elegance is evident, and her legacy will always be a simple philosophy for me and the family she left behind, live your dream, Lynny, but dream big, and remember, less is always more!

Until next time, ride safe.

On the road

Paternoster, a small fishing village, with so much character, we love visiting this place. Staying at the Sea Shack in the Columbine Nature Reserve proved challenging in a good way. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate camping, why, because communal ablution blocks are not my thing, and the one aspect all of the wonderful eco-friendly accommodation advertising did not make clear, was that your bed, your shower and your loo, and your self catering kichen are not all under the same roof. However it’s saving grace, and Andrew’s, was that our bed was just a few metres from the edge of the Atlantic ocean, and that did it for me.

That’s Andrew and his new found friend, and for a few moments on arrival, his only friend, the Sea Shacks very own guard dog. A very contented cross breed who reminded me so much of my own staffie cross breed, Jake.

Our next 2 days were spent walking the beach, meandering around the Village, drinking coffee, sipping cold white wines, and dining on delectable seafood, what more can 2 people ask for. Oh yes, when you visit Paternoster, you have to see the creative talents showcased in the Stone Fish Studio and Gallery. Truly inspirational stuff, including fine art, sculptures and pottery. And check out Wilko Roon’s work, it’s spectacular. 

And so after 2 blissful days, we were off  to the Mother of all cities, Cape Town.

On the road

I have a lot of catching up to do, as it has been a while since my last post, and we have been to many interesting and exciting places since then.

Clanwilliam was a revelation, in the sense of who we met and what we learnt there, rather than the place. It has rather a forlorn feel about it, but it does have the only Rooibos Tea House in the world, and it was an absolute pleasure spending time there. We also learnt that rooibos tea is only grown in the Cedarberg, and nowhere else in the whole wide world, so if you ever get to the area and you see endless rows of green fields, that’s rooibos!

After our Rooibos tea tasting adventure, we journeyed on towards Lambert’s Bay. And it certainly isn’t a bay we need to visited again anytime soon. It must be great for fishing enthusiasts, but for beachcombers like us, not so much. But I did get this shot of the beach…

Our next port of call was St Helena Bay. We enjoyed a tasty hamburger and chips lunch there, before rolling on to our home base for the next 2 nights, the West coast seaside village of Paternoster.

On the road

Our first stop, breakfast in Joubertina in the Eastern Cape.Pancakes and tea in De Rust

Our overnight stop in the ‘Jewel of the Great Karoo’ Prince Alfred…The view from our balcony.

Dinner at the Karoo Kombuis in Prince Albert, good old fashioned boerekos, delicious!

The magnificent Cedarberg mountain range.

On the road

It was a hard ride from Prince Albert to Clanwilliam in the Western Cape. Why? For sometimes, it is just about the ride, and our BMW GS 1200 is made for it. Along stretches of black ribbon tar, along rolling hills of apple orchards and vineyards, with purple tinged mountains bordering our horizons on both sides, this bike was made for the journey, and we went along for the ride. Laingsburg was our first stop, with a historical flood museum, but now with only a bone dry river bed as evidence of the catastrophe, to passing through Matjiesfontein, wasn’t there a train to there once upon a time, to Ceres, an industrial farming town, and a mountain pass to take your breath away. We are constantly amazed at the beauty of this country where comparisons to places I have been defies logic. There is so much majesty and magnificence we see and feel in it all, that makes us humble and grateful for the experience. We are resting our weary heads in the town of Clanwilliam tonight, and as before, we look forward to tomorrow, our BMW cooling its motor outside the door. God speed xxx

On the road

Our motorcycle road trip started today, and it was an incredible start to our journey. It was perfect bike weather, cool with bright sunshine, with open roads winding through valleys of khaki and emerald green, a bikers’ dream. We enjoyed a delightful breakfast at Diner R62 in Joubertina in the Eastern Cape, and then it’s was a pit stop in Uniondale. It was pancakes and cheesecake, and tea, in DeRust at the Village Trading Post, we have to stop there again, their wine selection is really good, but as responsible bikers, we couldn’t get to sample too much of their delicious wines. Our overnight stop is in the picturesque town of Prince Albert, they call this town, the Jewel of the Great Karoo, and so far it has lived up to its name. Wonderful hospitality shown us at our guesthouse, Sudden Comfort, and dinner is scheduled for 7 at the Karoo Kombuis, Andrew and I can’t wait. We are now sitting on the ‘stoep’ of the guesthouse, sipping sundowners, watching the town go by…perfect and oh so grateful for the experience…if this is day 1, roll on day 2!